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Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space

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Stickman Armed Assassin Cold Space a 3d, fps game for adults. There has been a rebellion on Planet NV-2507. A secret biological weapon was developed in his laboratory. Some of his security workers planned to steal the bio-weapon sample and sell it to the highest bidder. They took some hostages, scientists and civilians. Your job is simple. Infiltrate the base, rescue hostages, recover biological weapons and tablets with information from experiments and leave the planet. Check out Gamse Games and zombie idle defense online. Have fun!

Use WASD to walk. Left mouse button to fire. Right mouse button to aim. Mouse wheel to change weapons. G for grenades. R to reload weapon. F to pickup items. Left Shift to run. Left ctrl to crouch. H to prone. U to melee. Spacebar to jump.

77 / 100