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Mad Out Big City

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    • Mad Out Big City . You are a novice gangster, you live in a big city, you constantly need money to exist. Gradually, from petty crimes, you find yourself under the influence of friends and start working for the mafia. Soon you realize that working for the mafia is not enough for you – you need to conquer and lead the mafia! Built with Unity and should run in all browsers.

Game Controls

  • Please Use *WASD* = move. *mouse* = shoot. *shift* = run. *space* = jump. *1*..*2* = switch weapon. *e* = interaction. *p* = pause.


  • Mad Out Big City. A simulator of the gangster life of a big city appears before you. Complete all missions, earn really big money, visit hot spots, buy cars like in real life, weapons like from a military base. Cheat the police, have fun, ride on stolen sports cars. Raise your authority before major mafiosi, everything depends only on you!

Release Date

  • October 2020

Game Author

  • Mad Andreas Games

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80 / 100