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Mad City Justice

4.78 Ratings 14 Reviews

Mad City Justice is an action 3D shooter similar to the GTA series, but completely for free! Complete tasks, steal cars, become a wanted criminal or a recognized gangster. Buy weapons and raise your power in the city. It’s possible to get into a serious criminal problem at any moment. You will meet a huge metropoli. This city has life, many cars and you can even create your own auto business. Beautiful and safe city at first glance, quarters are not just decorations, they are full of small groups of gangsters, corrupt cops (you can intervene in any random criminal event and make your own mafia clan). Start discover the city by your own. More GTA game T.R.E.V.O.R. 7 plus Mad City Joker. Have fun.

PC Use WASD = move. mouse = shoot. e = interaction. space = jump. shift = run. p = pause. 1, 2 = weapons. v = camera. u = open parachute.

67 / 100