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Mad City Joker

4.55 Ratings 9 Reviews

Mad City Joker is a 3D action shooting game, inspired by GTA games and the famous Joker movie. Take the role of apostate and find your own way in the huge open world. Pass missions, earn money and buy guns. Everything for surviving. At the age of cool cars, illegal deals, permanent police fights, discover the story of a man, that is trying to survive in the criminal city. In the game you’ll often take part in shootings, pursuits, car thefts, police war and buying guns in ammunitions. T.R.E.V.O.R. 3 and Mad City Rokurou Rangetsu. Have fun.

Use WASD to = move. mouse = shoot. right mouse = rotate camera. 1, 2 = weapons. space = jump. e = interaction. p = pause. v = switch car camera.

73 / 100