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Gangster Wars

4.76 Ratings 97 Reviews

Gangster Wars a dark mafia game for adults. Become a real certified gangster. Choose which class you want to fight for, and you will have special weapons, for the class that you can also customize. Choose your team and enjoy the style of Mafia play. Check out Canyon Defense and Gamse Games.

Movement: *WASD* or *arrows*
Toggle Movement: *caps*
Sprint: *shift*
Roll: *space*
Interact/parkour: *E*
Switch shoulder: *V*
Cover: *Q*
Class skill deploy: *G*
Melee: *F*
Reload: *R*
Fire: *mouse*
Scope: *scroll*
Switch weapon: *scroll* or*tab*
Taunt: *T*
Pause: *P* or *ESC*

81 / 100