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Amazing Strange Rope Police Vice Spider Vegas

4.63 Ratings 45 Reviews

Amazing Strange Rope Police Vice Spider Vegas a fps game for adults. Be ready to rob, kill, shoot and fight all the criminals! Steal cars, race through streets, and shooting down bad guys. Test all the super-cars and bikes. You have special super powers. You can shoot a laser beam from your eyes. Check out adam and eve go 2 and Gamse Games.

*WASD* or *arrow keys*: move
*T*: open nearby garage
*Q*: shoot web
*Right click*: laser
*Left click*: shoot or punch
*Space bar*: jump
*Left shift*: run
*X*: switch weapon
*F*: open car
*R*: open nearby shop
*G*: grenade
*Z*: switch grenade
*C*: switch vehicle camera

Garbage truck controls

Pitchfork up: *Z*
Pitchfork down: *X*
Dump start: *Q*
Dump end: *E*
Lift container: *space*

75 / 100