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Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

136.64K Plays

Play Microsoft Ultimate Word Games at Games 18Plus! The ultimate collection of the best free word games online: Crosswords, Wordament, and Word Twister.

Car Logos Quiz

125.84K Plays

Car Logos Quiz how many car logos do you know? Can you guess these car logos in our new puzzle game? In each level, we will show you a picture, you need to guess the car logo refer to this picture. This is a challenge...

Google Feud

95.63K Plays

Google Feud is a online trivia game similar to Family Feud. Created by Justin Hook. You have to answer How to Try and guess what Google will suggest. In Google feud!

Dr Panda Airport

79.47K Plays

Dr Panda Airport is a puzzle solving game for adults. Reach new heights in this amazing game. Stamp passports at customs, make sure luggage makes it to the right plane and even take control to help planes land safely....

Flower Dimensions

63.75K Plays

Flower Dimensions a mahjong board game for adults. Discover a wonderland with flowers in a ancient Chinese board game. Combine two of the same free flowers. Check out farming puzzles or Gamse Games. Have fun!Cl...

Mahjong Big

61.35K Plays

Mahjong Big is the coolest Mahjong solitaire game. Start your mahjong tour and become the king of mahjong in the most famous board game ever. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers directly. With over 4 00...

Domino Block

57.36K Plays

Domino Block a fun board game for adults and teens. Google Play download not required because it's not an app. Match the tiles with the same number of dots.Be the first to use all your tiles to win the game! More Game...

Love Test

51.64K Plays

Love Test, a quiz for adults. If you are curious about the love & harmony between your partner and yourself. Type your names in and learn the result! More card games Web Solitaire plus Gamse Games. Have fun!Pla...

Daily Solitaire 2020

51.09K Plays

Daily Solitaire 2020 a fun and challenging classic solitaire game for adults. All the daily puzzles are 100% winnable and vary between 1 and 3 card draw game modes to keep them fresh. If you are up to more you can of ...

Snake and Ladders

48.53K Plays

Snake and Ladders a fun board game for adults. Roll the dice to reach the top of the board. Rolling a 6 will give the player an extra dice. If you jump with your pion on a number with a ladder, you will go up. Play at...

4 in Row Mania

48.35K Plays

4 in Row Mania is a classic board game. Be the first to connect four pieces of your color in a vertically suspended grid. Set the difficulty level and play against the CPU or against a friend by taking turns and dropp...

Captain Hangman

46.35K Plays

Captain Hangman is a word puzzle game, free play online. Welcome on the ship of the Captain Hangman the great pirate Accept his challenge and find as many words you can Victory will grant you freedom but failure will ...

Forest Mahjong

42.77K Plays

Forest Mahjong a board game for adults. Discover animals in the forest within this mahjong game. Combine tiles in pairs of the same and remove all tiles. Check out Daily Crossword or Gamse Games. Have fun!Clic...

Chinese New Year Mahjong

42.66K Plays

Chinese New Year Mahjong a fun board game for adults. Match Chinese mahjong tiles to complete the levels. Coupled with mahjong matching elements- power ups to reward the user, such as auto solve bonuses. Check out air...

Daily Jigsaw

42.41K Plays

Daily Jigsaw a puzzle for adults. Start playing American jigsaw puzzles from the famous state of New York in this challenging online game. Choose the level difficulty, start the game and put the image back together pi...

Halloween Cupcakes Jigsaw

41.60K Plays

Halloween Cupcakes Jigsaw puzzle for adults.Munch down on scary Halloween tasty sweet treats. Choose your difficulty level, start the game and put the image back together piece by piece with a plate full of cupcakes. ...

Crazy Ball 2

40.37K Plays

Crazy Ball 2 is a platform maze game, free play it now. Roll down the maze and pick off as many stars as it can. Features: 20 levels of rolling fun, weather system, good 3d graphics. Roll fast, roll to the finish. Als...

Mahjongg Alchemy

39.65K Plays

Mahjongg Alchemy, combine two of the same free medieval chemistry tiles (Alchemy Symbols) to remove the two tiles from the play-field. Remove all tiles from the board to win. Mahjongg Alchemy is a addictive mahjong ga...

Killing the Virus

38.16K Plays

Killing the Virus game. Have fun with matching and playing. Collapse the virus by connecting 2 or more similar virus. Collapse 6 or more virus to get a bomb. Points are awarded as larger connections are made. More mat...

Crazy Little Eights

35.24K Plays

Crazy Little Eights. Great online version of the popular card game. Your goal is get rid of all your cards. You can play with a card of the same rank or suit as the card on the central pile. You can also always play w...

Best Classic Solitaire

35.14K Plays

Best Classic Solitaire is like the popular Klondike version. Sort all the cards onto four piles. You have to start each pile's foundation with an ace and has to be built in ascending order from aces up to kings. A car...