Music Maker Games 18plus

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Have fun creating songs and playing Music Maker game. You can make whatever songs you want on it and save it onto a text file or something of the sort. Songlist: 1-Make your own. 2-Finale. 3-Megalovania. 4-Tem-Village. 5-Demo of all Sounds. 6-Heartache. 7-Astronomia. More music games Tom and Jerry Music Maker and King Of Strings or Drum Machine 2. Have fun!

PC Tap to play. Click to add notes.
Click and drag on the bottom of the notes to move them.
Click and drag on the top of the notes to change the length of them.
Press X on a note to delete it.
Press Z on a note to multiple select.
Press and hold C to copy/paste selected notes.
Press X to delete selected notes.
Press A to unselect all notes.
Press S to select all seen notes.
Click on the Left Circle to Play/Pause.
Click on the Right Circle to change instrument.
Drag sliders for Zoom and the Tempo.
Put mouse on top or on bottom of music to scroll up or down.
Press R to reload all the notes if there is buggy stuff.

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