Music Box Games 18plus

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Have fun creating looping songs and playing Music Box game. Create, play and edit your own composition. Click on the lines to place a note, which is a dark gray dot. More music games Indian Music Mixer or Punk-O-Matic and Music Board. Have Fun!

PC Tap to play:

.::PLAYING YOUR SONG::.. The pink button plays and stops your song when clicked, and it will automatically loop. You can also change the tempo, or speed of your song, by dragging the slider.

.::SAVING YOUR SONG::.. To obtain a code, simply press the space-bar and wait for a while as your song is being converted into a number-based code. Copy and paste it somewhere where you can get it again to load your song.

..::LOADING A SONG::.. The blue "L" button will load a song with a code. You can also paste in code from others around the world (or some sample ones I wrote down below)! But loading a song will delete your current one, so save it somewhere! When you press space, you will load the code, but it might take a while. Then you press L to load it. Reply YES if you want to continue, then paste your code.

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