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Game Info

    • Ragdoll Gangs. A fun action-packed, street fighter game. You fight gangs, freedom begins at it's end. The game consists of two different game modes as Adventure Mode and Arena Mode. Fighting or throwing out the enemy from the top of a place of battle. In the Arena you can play against another human. Built with Unity and should run in all browsers.

Game Controls

  • Please use Player 1 Move W A S D Pick Throw Activate C Punch V Kick B Run L-SHIFT Player 2 Move ARROW KEYS Pick Throw Activate I Punch O Kick P Run R-SHIFT Lock Unlock cursor L Pause P.


  • Ragdoll Gangs. In single player game mode, you fight against a CPU character and this fight is a little hard. In two player game mode, you can fight against a friend on your local computer. The one who scores three first wins the game.

Release Date

  • October 2020

Game Author

  • RHM Interactive

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