FAQ: Free Fighting Games

EvoWars io

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EvoWars io is a mighty fighting multiplayer io game in an epic Deathmatch arena. Kill and eat to grow stronger, then become a deadly warrior and slay your axe, club, sword wielding enemies. This is No fantasy, if ther...

Thumb Fighter Christmas

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Thumb Fighter Christmas. Battle in the Christmas edition of this Thumb Fighter game! You can play against a computer or your friend in an intense thumb fighting battle. You need to slam the opponent's thumb to the gro...

Captain Snowball

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Captain Snowball throw snowballs at other players! Be the captain of the snowball fight. Hide behind structures to take cover, and surprise your enemy. Have fun!

Kung Fu Brick Breaker

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Kung Fu Brick Breaker is very popular kung fu skill that you can play on Games 18 Plus. It's time to show your martial arts moves.

Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse

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Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse is one of our beat em up games, play it.A hard striking fighting game that takes place in mad-max world. Save the human race or lead it to famine and destruction. Street Fighter games...

Stickman Fighter 3D Fists Of Rage

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Stickman Fighter 3D Fists Of Rage is second part of this awesome installment. Game is set in 5 different locations. You start on the highway and progress trough the city, hospital, military base and at last the port. ...

Legend Street Fighter

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Legend Street Fighter time to beat up these hoodlums and show them who the real street fighter is. Your walking down a dark alley when a bunch of thugs want your wallet. More fighting games: Cyber Rage Retribution, St...

Amazing Crime Strange Stickman

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Amazing Crime Strange Stickman Rope Vice Vegas. Another fun title from the Vice Vegas series. In this particular title, you control a huge stickman character, and you must move through the streets and try to bring to ...

Streets Of Anarchy Fists Of War

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Streets Of Anarchy Fists Of War panic and fear are spreading through the streets. Crime continues to rise and people are afraid to come out of their homes. People need someone who could fight in these desperate times....

Thumb vs Thumb

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Thumb vs thumb is a exciting fighting game, free play directly. The Saloon is invaded by many armed inches You must act to resolve the conflict You have to unsheathe the first in order to calm them down Both thumbs ar...

Mini Giants Io

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Mini Giants Io battle to the death by axe in a cool 2d multiplayer game.

Crowd City

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Crowd City is an addictive game where you can enter the arena and face the other towns in a fierce battle crowd in town.

Wrestle Jump 2

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Wrestle Jump 2 is one of our wrestling games. Try to pin your opponent down on the ground to get a win. Play it in multiplayer mode and take on the world.

Oddbods Ice Cream Fight

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Oddbods Ice Cream Fight is one of our battle games. The mischievous Oddbods are at it again! Throw delicious ice cream at them, before they throw back! This ice cream fight is getting wild! The Oddbods can duck, run l...

Boxing Fighter Super Punch

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Boxing Fighter Super Punch is the best action boxing game ever, free play it now! Try to punch all boxers coming from both side to attack you. Beat em Up. Fight against tons of boxers and their BOSS. Get ready to rumb...

Dragon Simulator

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Dragon Simulator, battle it out in a fire-breathing war of real dragons. An amazing dragon is waiting for you to fly with him in a fight against other dragons. More battles Stickman Attack and Marvel Tribute. Have fun...

The SuperChampion of the Ring

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The SuperChampion of the Ring become the BOMBSHELL. In your crusade to be the "CHAMPION OF THE RING" Award. Fight against 5 amazing opponents in this old school fighting game. Enjoy it and Fight now champ. More games ...

Wrestle Jump Online

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Wrestle Jump Online is a game based on jumping physics. All you have to do is use the control keys in time and defeat your opponent. Start fighting with your opponent, just be careful, if your opponent hits your head,...