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Underworld Part 2

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    • Underworld Part 2 . A fun role playing adventure game. Take the role of a hero, exploring a dungeon filled with treasure, guarded by a league of assassins. Return the loot to your settlement. For this, you will receive rewards. Remember playing Dungeon Master or Space Quest? Yeah, you’ll like this game. Built with Unity and should run in all browsers.

Game Controls

  • Please Use *WASD* = group of four keys. *left*, *right* or *arrows* = switching weapons. *space* = jump. *mouse*. *Tab* = auto-capture. *Q*= roll. *I*= inventory.
    *E*= Opening a chest.


  • Underworld Part 2. Get a chance to collect 8 Heads of Powerful Leaders. They are waiting to meet you at the end of the dungeon. Don’t miss your chance to test yourself as a bounty hunter.

Release Date

  • October 2020

Game Author

  • Gansta Tiem

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81 / 100