FAQ: Free Action Games


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Plumber. Fix the leak pipes in the Plumbing game. You must reconnect the pipes by rotating them. Get water to the fish, it is screaming where's my water. Made with Html5 which should run in all browsers.

Angry Rooster Run Subway

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Angry Rooster Run Subway is a addictive running game, free play it. Help the rooster escape traps and enemies on his path and finally reach his beloved chicken. Help the rooster get past all the traps and wild predato...

Yeti Sensation

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Yeti Sensation is one of our running games. Bigfoot wanted! Help embarrassed Yeti to find a way to his new home, avoid sly snowmen, dangerous traps and other obstacles, buy new boosts in the supermarket and run away a...

Mummy Candies

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Mummy Candies. Beware of explosive pumpkins, you can improve your achievements with the help of shopping in the store. Collect all the candies and lollipops for the mummy. More free games like Mummy Candies: Candy Lan...

Gobble Dash

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Gobble Dash is the classic snake game. Candy is so sweet! Gobble them down before you explode or you'll get a bad tummy ache! More free games like Gobble Dash: Candy Monster, and Candy Crush. What is a Video Game m...

Baby Cow Launcher

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Baby Cow Launcher. Disrupt greedy farmers. By launching baby cows at the farmers to defeat them. Use a variety of power ups to win! Free games like Baby Cow Launcher: Angry Flappy Wings, and Jungle Adventure Wha...

Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion is an online game that you can play on Games18Plus for Free. Aliens have invaded the earth and your task is to protect the earth. The universe is your battlefield, and you are attacked from all sides.

Tanki Online

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Tanki Online. A game of tanks. Crush your enemy with a volley of shells. Multiplayer free-to-play tank battle with real-time Pvp warfare. Master the battle-field to win. More free games like Tanks : Tank Hit, Zombie M...

Trash Cat

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Trash Cat is one of our running games, play. Run down the dirtiest road you have ever seen and collect fish to buy more upgrades. Avoid hitting garbage cans and look out for rats.

3D Snake

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3D Snake is one of our retro arcade games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.   Game Controls Use the menu in the top right corner to enable first-person view. ...

Guns n Glory Heroes

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Guns n glory heroes is one of our role playing defense games. Sharpen your knifes, polish your armor, focus on your magic and bring your guns The kingdom has been attacked and all castles are under siege! Orcs and fir...

Snowwars io

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Snowwars io. Multiplayer game with snowmen and snowballs! Collect snow to grow. Throw snow balls at other players!

King Bird Tower Defense

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King Bird Tower Defense features: multiple levels to keep you entertained.A game of defense. These birds really know how to defend the nest from predator's. More free games like King Bird Tower Defense: Monster Tower ...

Thrill Rush 4

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Thrill Rush 4 is one of our exciting rollercoaster games, play it at Games18plus. This girls fun day at the theme park just jumped the ultimate coaster tracks. Giant gaps will appear out of nowhere You need to pass ea...

Plumber Water Pipes

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Plumber Water Pipes. Connect two water pipes in a short time to drain the water. This game has 30 levels with a gradually increasing degree of complexity. More free games like Plumber Water Pipes Tap My Water, and Pap...

Talking Tom Gold Run Online

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Talking Tom Gold Run Online. Talking Tom never stole anything. Tom is on a quest to collect the gold bricks to turn into an invincible ball. Just like Sonic, Tom is running for the fun of it. More free games like Talk...

Panda Commander

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Panda Commander. With years of training were sending you, into the skies to defend our country from the invading aircraft. Shoot, bomb and blow up every airplane that fly's. More free games like Panda Commander The Da...

Fruit Slice 2

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Fruit Slice 2. Slice and dice the fruit to win. Make awesome combo's by cutting 2 or more fruits at a time. Play with mouse. More free games like Stack Fall : Flip Jump, and Free Fall 2 What is a Video Game m...