Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse game

A hard striking fighting game that takes place in mad-max world. Save the human race or lead it to famine and destruction. Street Fighter games are extremely popular with young adults. Take on the role of a physical attacker and beat who ever offends your people. You will rule this apocalypse or die fighting. The Earth is a wasteland, that needs a true leader to motivate it’s remaining people. You can buy it in the store when you earn enough money in fights. Destroy waves of enemies, smash boxes and search for weapons. There are many weapons, knives, pistols, and baseball bats. Realistic Street Fight Apocalypse is one of our beat em up games, play it at Built with Unity, which should run in all browsers.


Game Controls

  • Use Arrow keys to move, z = punch, x = kick to play



  • Created by Mentolatux


Release Date

  • November 2019


Public Health Message

  • If you have a problem talk to someone who can help. Call 811 in Canada


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