The Lost Joystick game

One night, after a long endurance playing videogames, you fall asleep, but a sinister entity enters into your room from the window and steals the thing you love the most: your joystick! You will do anything you need to get your joystick back and to start again your un-useful life! In this game, you have to jump around the levels looking for coins and keys, killing monsters and avoiding traps. The Lost Joystick is one of our platform games, play it at Built with Html5 H5, which should run in all browsers.


Game Controls

  • Keyboard: Use Arrow keys: to jump move left and right or go down from a platform or use ASD to move and spacebar to jump. ESC: Pause the game. Click on the music note: Music on/off. Click on the speaker: SFX on/off. Gamepad:Left Analog / D-pad : to move left and right or go down. A button: jump. Right Shoulder Button: Music on/off. Left Shoulder Button: SFX on/off



  • Catom Games


Release Date

  • October 2019


Public Health Message

  • If you have a problem talk to someone who can help. Call 811 in Canada


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