Cyber Rage Retribution game

Cyber Rage Retribution is one of our street fighter clone games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Html5, which should run in all browsers.


Game Controls

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Developer Commented

  • Battle through enemy hordes! Complete levels! Cyber Rage Retribution, computer fighting game in the genre of cyberpunk. In the near future, humanity is faced with a serious threat. The last few years, the development of cyber-technologies has become popular among wealthy people, but another part of society is against robotization. At the junction of ideas, a split into two opposing camps takes place, and a terrible genius is in power. Steward Monster is a mechanic and creator of implants, feeling the power of their knowledge, decides to enslave the population of the planet with the help of chips, under the action of which people fall into madness and uncontrollable rage.


Release Date

  • May 2019


Public Message

  • If you have a problem talk to someone who can help. Dial 811


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