3D Neo Racing game

3D Neo Racing is one of our racing car games, play it at Games18plus. Built with Unity, which should run in all browsers.


Game Controls

  • Player one: WASD keys. Player two: Arrow keys.



  • Vitality Games


Developer Commented

  • A 3D car racing game that takes it’s inspiration by TRON with all the neon lights and intense races. You get to pick your vehicle and race it on the tracks against other drivers. If you think you’re good enough at this game and the AI is no longer a challenge, you can play against your friends in the 2 player split-screen mode. You need to keep practicing your racing skills if you want to always come up on top.


Release Date

  • August 2019


Public Message

  • If you have a problem talk to someone who can help. Call 811 in Canada Free Health Service


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Player one: Arrow keys. Player two: WASD keys.