Zombie Vacation

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Zombie Vacation. You are special forces soldier, your plane crashed and you got unexpected vacation on a tropical island crowded with zombies, your mission is to use your modern sub-machine gun to shoot thousands of z...

Puppets Cemetery

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Puppets Cemetery. A Halloween Arena Top Down Shooter. Your the only pumpkin head in this cemetery of lost souls. Luckily your favorite gun has passed to the after-life with your soul. Take aim at the dead and put them...

Minecraft Helicopter Adventure

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Minecraft Helicopter Adventure is fun online game suitable for 18 to 95 year olds. This time you need to guide our lovley Steve in helicopter to a landing area. Make a perfect path and avoid obstacles on the way. Buil...

Maze of Infection

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Maze of Infection. A survival-Top down shooter full of zombies! You are the last survivor of a lab, where misterious experiment where made on poor people. Find your wayout running through and killing dozens of zombies...

Mad Asia Megapolis

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Welcome to Mad Asia Megapolis! This is a massive Asian city that does not accept the laws of the city, or it's citizens! Thanks to the gangsta territorial attacks, life in the city is aimed at a constant struggle for ...

Commander Secret Missions

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Commander Secret Missions. Step forward into war action and thrilling FPS shooting games in a easy to play commando game. Love to play secret mission games? You need to complete levels and get coins for soldier, buy f...

Sonic Run Adventure

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Sonic Run Adventure. A fun running game suitable for 18 to 95 year olds. Run with Sonic, the speed legend, collect money and avoid enemies on the way to the goal. Sonic the Hedgehog is back in an action-packed runner ...


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Underworld. Discover the role of a hero, explore the dungeon, find a legendary treasure that is guarded by a league of assassins. Return the loot to your settlement. For this, you will receive good rewards. You will b...

Bike Impossible Tracks Challenges

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Bike Impossible Tracks Challenges, it’s action, patience, thrill, excitement and much more. This game will drive you crazy because it’s different and tricky. You will have to complete various impossible tracks and you...


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SpaceTown. As a commander of the galaxy's space crew, you are building a future city in the midst of an abandoned space station. But beware! This place is plagued with hordes of extraterrestrial species. Built with Ht...

Carrom 2 Player

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Carrom 2 Player game is a strike and pocket game similar to billiards, or pools. Here in carrom (also known as karrom or carom) you will use the mouse shoot the pieces. Built with Html5 and should run in all browsers.

Mad Out Los Angeles

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The game present to you Mad Out Los Angeles. you will have to shoot all the enemies via tanks, Planes. You have a huge vehicle park of autos, bikes, boats which are provided with realistic physics. Tons of weapons, gu...

WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942

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WW2 Modern War Tanks 1942. In the past, is where you reside now soldier. Use weapons, tanks and aircraft from WW2, the war. Great war battles are waiting for you to win with friends around the world. Ready to shoot, p...

Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z

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Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Survival Z. A free online multiplayer shooter against all of the dead! AI like soldier and realistic zombie, 5 game modes like gun game, survival, TDM, DM and much more, multiplayer play with ...

Oil Tanker Transporter Trucking

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Oil Tanker Transporter Trucking. Let's start you driving heavy duty oil tanker trucks. Transport fuel from oil refineries to gas stations. These trucks don't turn like the average family car. Built with Webgl and shou...

Super MX The Champion

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Super MX The Champion is a dirt bike racing game. Become a world class champion stunt racer on dirt tracks, blind corners and loops. Built with Webgl and should run in all browsers.

Extreme Truck Parking

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Extreme Truck Parking. Become a truck driver in this trucking game. Play in day or night scenarios, as well as different weather conditions. Start from the bottom of the trucking industry and work your to the top. Bui...

Pin Rescue

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Pin Rescue. Your best friend is trapped! Need your help to escape from this dangerous room. You need to meet and escape! Don't get hurt by dangerous animals or hidden devices! Built with Html5 and should run in all br...